2020 Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2020 HELP Awards Finalists and the inaugural winners!

Jorin Derks

AMP Healthcare Hero

A Healthcare Hero is a health professional who has gone above and beyond to help the healthcare community.
Sponsored by Australian Medical Placements

Rachel Zaltron

The Lexus Learner

A stellar individual who’s on a trajectory to greatness!

Sponsored by Lexus of Adelaide

Ben Easter

The TTO Individual Star

The Individual Star is an individual who has shown selflessness, compassion and/or resilience to lead or help others through a crisis.​
Sponsored by TTO Chartered Accountants

SA Brothers

Fresh 92.7 Community Champion

The Community Champions are any team, group or organisation who’ve made a positive difference to the community!

Sponsored by Fresh 92.7

Bodyfit Kent Town

The People’s Choice

Chosen by public vote from the finalists from the above categories

Sponsored by The National Wine Centre of Australia